Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easton EQ40 2011 Hockey Stick Review

Easton EQ40 2011 Stick Review

The 2011 Easton EQ40 hockey stick offers a great advanced level of performance with an excellent balance point for an unbelievable feel. The EQ line has replaced the Easton SE stick line, building off the same performance features that SE sticks have been known for but now making some of those features visible.

The 2011 Easton EQ stick line features the Focus Weight Technology™ to offer the ultimate feel and puck control.

Focus Weight Technology™ concentrates materials in the heel of the blade to aid in puck control by helping keep the puck on the blade and control tough passes. The weighted heel also delivers more power and velocity making your shot unstoppable. Easton has made the weight in heel visible on the new EQ sticks. The EQ40 stick features the 10 grams visible weight in the heel.

The EQ40 hockey stick features a multi-rib and micro-bladder blade for a rigid and consistent feel in the blade. The main difference between the EQ40 and the EQ50 is the hybrid kevlar wrap, and the Focus Weight Technology™

Easton EQ40 2011 Features

  • Construction:
    • Hybrid Kevlar® wrap offers added impact protection and vibration dampening 
    • Compression molded construction - Easton's top of the construction process that offers a responsive smooth and consistent flex
  • Shaft:
    • Tapered flex design directs flex point toward the bottom of the stick for a lower kick point
  • Geometry:
    • Slightly concave walls for a fairly traditional stick feel
  • Grip: Traditional smooth grip coating
  • Blade:
    • Multi-Rib™ adds strength and rigidity throughout the blade
    • Micro-Bladder™ - Easton's proprietary process of producing a consistent blade
    • Visible Focus Weight Technology™ (10g) redistributes weight to the impact area to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade
  • Flex: 85, 100, and 110
  • Length: 61"
  • Weight: (Will be posted upon arrival)

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