Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warrior 2011 Dolomite DD Hockey Stick Review

2011 Warrior Dolomite DD Review

The 2011 Warrior Dolomite DD is a great all-round stick for intermediate players at an affordable price. While top-of-line Warrior sticks like the Kronik are a little lighter, they are also more expensive.

I really like the change in graphics for 2011. I was never crazy about the out-of-control 80`s graphics they used in past years.

The Dolomite DD has a low kick point which makes the stick easy-to-load so it`s great for wrist shots and snap shots. You might think about a stick with a higher kick point if you`re going to be taking a lot of slap shots.

The Double DD blade is designed with a dense foam core in the heel and softer foam in the toe. This gives you a great feel when stick handling the puck puck and makes it easier to receive passes.

2011 Warrior Dolomite DD Features:

  • Multi-bias fiber placement to reinforce internal shaft structure
  • Carbon Elite construction
  • Double D blade core. High-density mid-to-heel zone to provide maximum velocity and durability. Low-density toe zone to soften puck-handling feel and passing
  • Precision taper focuses energy at lower quarter for easy and quick load and release
  • Pro-Balance blade and shaft design for improved stick feel and weight distribution
  • Nipple Grip coating
  • 474 grams


Newly improved nipples are 12% firmer to improve tactile grip and create a supple hand transition. Less hand slip provides more direct energy transfer into the stick for increased shot velocity.


The combination of two polymers in the blade adds strength where you need it and cuts weight where you don’t. High-density foam is used in the heel to provide maximum velocity and durability by increasing the blade’s center of gravity. Low-density foam is used in the toe to reduce weight and soften feel. This combination of Double Densities decreases blade torque at contact.


A longer, lower tapered section focuses energy into the bottom quadrant of the stick. This concentration of flex eases load and release for increased shot velocity with little effort.

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