Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cliff Ronning Custom Hockey Sticks

Cliff Ronning Custom Hockey Sticks

Cliff Ronning will likely have an impact in the NHL again this season, although the 45-year-old Burnaby resident, who helped lead the Canucks all the way the Stanley Cup finals back in 1994, won't be lacing up his skates again to do it.

Instead, expect to see customized hockey sticks made at his new local business, Base Hockey Labs, to be appearing in the hands of more and more of today's pros.

Ronning has teamed up with former Easton and Warrior executive Holmes Ghassemi and Innovative Hockey's Ron Kunisaki to launch a state-of-the-art graphite and kevlar composite hockey stick design and manufacturing firm in Burnaby's Lake City Business Centre that's been open since early September.

Players such as Mike Green and Paul Gaustad are among those already using Base sticks (albeit with the logos covered up) but Ronning says the idea is much more about targeting average players who are serious about stepping up their game.

"We've got guys in the NHL already using it with black sticks, but we're really focusing on the public, getting a good product in their hands for great value," said Ronning. "Our model is to treat everybody like a pro and the response so far has been fabulous."

While golfers routinely spend big bucks to find just the right set of clubs, many hockey players often get by with what's on sale at Canadian Tire or simply what feels adequate. Ronning wants to change this.

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