Friday, September 17, 2010

Easton EQ50 Hockey Stick Review

Easton EQ50 Hockey Stick Review

With the release of the EQ50, Easton takes the E16 to the next level.
  • Visible Focus Weight Technology (15 grams) redistributes weight to the impact area to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade
  • Customizable weighted end cap for optimal balance with adjustable swing weight
  • Kevlar® wrapped shaft for impact protection and vibration dampening
  • Multi-Rib™ and Micro-Bladder™ blade

Easton’s SE16 stick offered the player one of the softest touches in the game with its Focus Weight Technology™. A process that places weight in key areas in the blade and the shaft to improve the balance and feel. Easton has built on this technology in the EQ50 stick.

The EQ50 will feature a fine-tuned, exposed weight system in the heel of the blade. Redistributing the weight in the blade to the heel dampens the blade in the key impact section, allowing the player to cradle passes easier improving puck control.

To offset this redistributed weight in the blade, Easton precisely adds weight to the end of the shaft. Weight at the end of the shaft counter balances the blade for optimal swing weight. This Focus Weight Technology™ delivers a truly balanced feeling stick with enhanced puck control.

The Easton EQ50 stick allows the player to customize the balance of the stick, by adding/subtracting removable weights in the end plug. By adding/subtracting one or more of the 5g metal discs the player can fine-tune the balance of the stick to meet their preference. As a guide Easton provides a chart on the stick to calculate the recommend number of disc based on the length of the stick.

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  1. What happens to the percise balance when you add tape??