Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bauer Supreme TotalOne

Bauer Supreme TotalOne Stick Review

The new King of the hill in Bauer's line up of Supreme hockey sticks is the Bauer Supreme TotalOne hockey stick.

The Bauer TotalOne stick amps up the famous Bauer One95 stick with incredible feel and more power. This stick is a slap shot machine - perfect for one-timers.

The TotalOne has an extremely low strength to weight ratio. The flex point has been moved up to the middle of the stick to add more power to your slap shot. It's built as a single piece using mono-comp design for a very balanced, responsive feel for the puck.

The Shaft

Like all Supreme sticks, the TotalOne features a shaft with double-concave wall with squared off corners. (Take a look at the Vapor series if you prefer more rounded off corners.) Half way down the Totalone stick you'll notice a series of bumps on the corners designed to fit how your hand wraps around the stick that Bauer calls 'Tac-Spiral'. This textured portion of the shaft gives you a better grip for your lower hand and more control over the stick. Very comfortable.

Bauer has also introduced the Pure Shot Blade profile that expands the throat to increase blade rigidity resulting in a more powerful and more accurate shot.

The TotalOne hockey stick also features a new core utilizing the Aero Foam II for stability and feel while the Power Core 3 offers a lighter weight for a better balanced stick. Bauer has also used aramid fibers in the foam cores to increase strength and vibration dampening. The TeXtreme® carbon used on the total one stick offers the ultimate balance between strength and weight.

  • Flex: 77, 87, and 102

  • Length: 60"
  • Weight: 433 grams (based on 87 flex)


    1. I cant wait to get mine i have an x:60 right now another great stick from Bauer

    2. looks good could you tell me if it would be a good idea to custom one of these because they are pricey?

    3. This is a great stick. It is made for big clappers and amazing celly's but people don't realize how much it can dangle, snipe and celly because it it can do everything. Probably the greatest concoction done by Bauer yet and possibly the greatest ever. Although the Easton Stealth RS is close the TotalOne is more concistent and great at all types of shots, passes and don't forget the cellys

      1. your stupid... sticks arent made for cellys ^

    4. The stick is great while it lasts. We purchased one for our son and within three weeks of using it, it broke. Bauer would not honor the warranty because we had bought it about a month before christmas and it broke in january. After he got it for christmas he didn't start using it until january 4 and it broke on the 25th. My son loved the stick but after ony using it for the three weeks and $300.00 later we are S.O.L. Beware of pre-buying this stick as Bauer really doesn't care as long as they get thier $300.00.
      When we tried to return it to the store where we purchased it they told us because of the date we purchased it Bauer would not even look at it and suggested we contact them ourselves. The also mentioned that they would not recommend Bauer products because of this reason and told us to go with Easton or Warrior as they are more apt to replace sticks after the warranty period.
      We had a simmilar issue with an Easton S19 stick and they were more than happy to replace the stick with an new RS of the same pattern. So anybody who plans to buy this stick beware, and follow the advice of a dealer who points you towards a Easton or Warrior stick.