Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reebok Crosby 10K Hockey Stick Review

Reebok 10K Stick Review

The Reebok 10K is available in 2 versions the standard edition and the Crosby 'Gold' edition which is the only version with the Crosby curve.

A light, responsive, snappy stick available in both Grip and non-Grip.

Sick-Kick technology with the tapered bottom shaft gives you a low kickpoint for an explosive shot.

The matrix-weave construction gives you expert control and stability. By keep the blade stable throughout the shot, you get a consistent, precision shot every time.

Reebok's Pure Fiber technology runs single-piece fibers throughout the stick - from the tip of the shaft to the tip of the blade. This gives you maximum energy transfer into your shot.

The high denisity foam in the blade absorbs impact and dampens vibrations giving you excelent control capability.

Weight Chart:

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