Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Easton Synergy ST Hockey Stick Review

Easton Synergy ST Review

A light stick with a stiff blade and a solid feel The Synergy shaft uses a combination of carbon with a Kevlar wrap which acts to reduced the vibrations running through the stick, increases durability and liveliness. The tapered shaft creates a low kick-point for  a quick, responsive shot release.

Available in Grip and Non-Grip matted finish.

Shox™ Technology uses a Resin Transfer molding process that gives these blade unique characteristics making pucks stick like glue through impact. With sticking power like this, you can take the “hardest shot in the world*”

Reinforced with multiple layers of high grade carbon, the shaft uses a proprietary compression molding process wrapped in a ballistic Kevlar®. Synergy® tuned profile generates power that sets Easton sticks apart from the rest.

Ryan Getzlaf shows his Hockey moves using a Synergy:

Looking for a less expensive Easton stick?
Check out the Easton Synergy SC1 Hockey Stick [SENIOR]

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