Monday, December 27, 2010

Warrior Bandito 2011 Hockey stick Review

Warrior Bandito 2011 Review

The Warier Bandito is a great mid-priced stick with many of the features and performance of higher end stick without the price tag. Although slightly heavier than the Warrior Dolomite, the shaft edges on the Bandito are more rounded than the Warrior Vandal for a more comfortable feel. The clean, black and white graphics offer a nice alternative if you're not a big fan of the out-of-control graphics on most Warrior hockey sticks.

2011 Warrior Bandito Features
  • Precision taper focuses energy at lower quarter for easy load and release
  • Carbon Deluxe internal construction
  • 21% recoil increase for maximum velocity
  • Soft-core blade construction resists torque but allows for improved feel
  • Nipple Grip coating
  • 500 grams


Newly improved nipples for 2011 are 12% firmer than the 2010 model to improve tactile grip and create a supple hand transition. Less hand slip provides more direct energy transfer into the stick for increased shot velocity.


A longer, lower tapered section focuses energy into the bottom portion of the stick. This concentration of flex makes the stick easier to load and release giving you a more powerful shot with less effort.

The 2011 Warrior Bandito is available in the following blade patterns:

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