Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bauer Vapor X40 Hockey 2011 Stick Review

Bauer Vapor X40 2011 Review

The Bauer Vapor X40 2011 is a great mid-level performance stick at a mid-level price point. Bauer introduced the Silver Grip graphics on the X40 for 2011.

The Micro Feel shaft gives you a nice feel using double concave walls with rounded corners. The Stick'um coating provides extra grip.

The stick is tapered at the bottom towards the blade. Less stick at this point gives you the ability to snap your shop for a quicker release. Strength is made up in the blade with the Pure Shot profile, which is a thicker blade at the heel of the stick. The foam that makes up the inner blade construction called 'Aero Foam' helps you absorb the puck when receiving passes so the puck isn't bouncing around all over the place.

Like all Vapors, the Bauer X40 uses the Intelli-sense Shot Technology wich adjusts the flex points in the stick depending on your hand placements on the stick.

  • Intelli-Sense Shot Technology
  • Pure Shot Blade Profile
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls
  • Aero Foam II blade technology
  • VAPOR Premium dual taper
  • Stick’um Grip

Looking for a less expensive Bauer stick?
Check out the Bauer Vapor X:20 or if you like wood sticks, try the Bauer Supreme One55.

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