Friday, December 3, 2010

Bauer Supreme ONE100 Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Supreme ONE100 Review

The Bauer Supreme ONE100 hockey stick is a great stick for less money than the TotalOne. Most rec hockey players, won't notice the difference and are better off saving their money.

The shaft is the same as the Bauer TotalOne Supreme with a double-concave wall with squared off corners. (Take a look at the Vapor series if you prefer more rounded off corners.) In the mid portion of the Supreme One100 stick you'll notice a series of bumps on the corners designed to fit how your hand wraps around the stick that Bauer calls 'Tac-Spiral'. This textured portion of the shaft gives you a better grip for your lower hand and more control over the stick. Very comfortable.

The One100 has a mid kick-point which will give you more power for your slap shot than a low kick-point stick. It's built as a single piece using mono-comp design for a very balanced, responsive feel for the puck.

The One100 blade is built with the Aero Foam II core for a nice soft feel for stick handling as well stability for a quick shot.

Bauer Supreme ONE100 Review from Ice Warehouse:

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