Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warrior Dolomite Spyne Double D 2010 Review

New for 2010 Warrior has added dark graphics and the DD blade to the Dolomite Spyne. The double D blade has a high-density mid-to-heel zone which provides maximum velocity and durability.

The Low-density toe zone softens the feel for puck-handling and passing. The SPYNE blade technology increases surface area of the blade and increases stiffness.

  • Multi-bias fiber placement
  • Carbon Elite construction
  • Linear taper consistent flex arc
  • Pro-Balance blade and handle design
  • SPYNE blade technology
  • Double D blade core
  • Nipple Grip coating

The Pro-Balance blade and handle design improves stick feel and weight distribution
The Multi-bias fiber placement reinforces the internal shaft structure and the Linear taper creates smoother flex reaction and utmost energy transfer from a consistent flex arc.

Senior Models
  • Grip Flexes: 100, 85, 75
  • Clear Flexes: 100, 85, 75
  • Patterns: Savard, Lidstrom, Draper, Vanek, Kovalev, Kovalchuk

  • Grip Flexes: 70, 55
  • Clear Flex: 70
  • Patterns: Savard, Draper, Kovalchuk
  • Grip Flex: 50
  • Patterns: Savard, Draper, Kovalchuk

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