Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easton Stealth S17 Hockey Stick Review

Easton Stealth S178 Hockey Stick

Easton Stealth S17

While most of the pro's and those with money to burn have already purchased the more durable Easton Stealth S19, those of us who actually have to make tough choices about what to spend our money on may wish to consider the Easton Stealth S17.

No, The S17 is not the newest, sexiest stick out there, but man does it give you an incredible shot. One of the best on the market ... until it blows up.

If you go through sticks like Kleenex, stay away from the S17. But if you can't remember the last time you've shattered a composite, and love the feel of the Easton Stealth, save yourself $100 and go for the S17.

Buy from Amazon at:
Easton Stealth S17 Grip Hockey Stick [SENIOR]
Easton Stealth S17 Grip Hockey Stick [JUNIOR]

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