Saturday, April 24, 2010

CCM Crazy Light U+ Stick Review

CCM Crazy Light U+ Stick Review

CCM has constructed the U+ Crazy Light out of multiple layers of high-grade carbon fiber to reduce weight and maintain performance and durability. What sets this stick apart from others on the market is how CCM has been able to construct a stick at this weight and without compromising the performance. The extremely lightweight feel offers better puck feel and balance, quicker reaction time, faster swing speed, and hopefully more pucks in the back of the net.

The impact enhanced slash zone increases durability against slashes and impacts. This is a nice touch because that is something a player does not always have control over. The Crazy Light also features a tapered shaft resulting in a low kick point for fast shot releases.

CCM has used what they are calling a matt textured grip on the U+ CL. This grip has almost a light matted sandpaper feel. It does not have a tacky feel prohibiting glove movement. This grip allows lower hand movement while still adding grip and enhancing stick control.

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