Monday, December 28, 2009

Warrior Dolomite Spyne Hockey Stick Review

Warrior Dolomite Spyne Hockey Stick Review

  • 440 grams
  • New Direct Taper shaft design
  • Spyne Blade technology
  • HD High-Density blade
  • Nipple Grip Coating
  • 5-Skin impact protection
Direct Taper Shaft Design - Redesigned shaft taper that boosts performance and increases accuracy. Length and geometry of the taper is modified to reduce slop, increase shot-loading capacity and speed the reaction time of the stick

Spyne Blade – Warrior's patented Spyne blade uses the latest in carbon-molding technology to produce accurate shot control.
  • Molded structural feature on the back face of the graphite blade.
  • Acts like a spring, directing energy into the heel of the blade. Releases energy faster with more control and accuracy. Reduces blade torque and reduces weight.
  • Molded shape creates an internal carbon structure. The stiffness effect follows the shape of the Spyne feature around the edges to control the direction and flow of energy from the tow of the blade into the heel.
HD Blade with Angel Hair Technology – Warrior developed a completely new core material that uses high-impact epoxy combined with Angel Hair micro-strands of carbon fiber. This produces a rigid, durable blade core that has more spring and pop than ever before.

The HD blade core is heavier than a comparable foam core because it carries more flex and impact. This reduces the carbon exterior of the blade to improve response, resulting in a lighter overall weight.

5-Skin Impact Protection -- Proprietary composite skin that protects the shaft against impact. Provides maximum durability and protection.

Senior: 100, 85, 75 GRIP 100, 85 CLEAR
Fedorov, Draper, Vanek, Kovalev, Kovalchuk, Jovanovski

Intermediate: 70, 55 GRIP 70 CLEAR
Fedorov, Draper

Junior: 50 GRIP
Fedorov, Draper, Kovalchuk

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